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Did you know that Ҵýapp College’s design programs have been ranked among the “Most Hired From” and “Most Admired” by Design Intelligence?

ONLINE EXHIBITION | Renegades: Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture

The Ҵýapp College of Architecture and Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art are pleased to present the online exhibition Renegades: Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture. The American School refers to the innovative school of design and practice that developed under the guidance of Bruce Goff, Herb Greene and others at the University of Oklahoma in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Ҵýapp College by the Numbers

The Ҵýapp College of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma is recognized for its high-performing alumni, award-winning teaching, and significant research in planning, design and construction. Together, we imagine a future in which all communities are designed for resiliency and empowered to maximize their social, economic and environmental well-being.

DesignIntelligence has named three Ҵýapp College design programs among the “Most Hired From,” most recently .

13 Ҵýapp College programs received STEM designations under the U.S. Department of Education’s CIP code system, allowing .

The Ҵýapp College of Architecture for its student journal, Telesis.

Five OU students since 2011.

Ҵýapp College of Architecture faculty have partnered with the .

The IQC has , drawing attendees from 60 counties and 14 states.

Architecture faculty Hans Butzer, FAIA and Stephanie Pilat nationally.

Ҵýapp College students placed in DBIA two years in a row!

The Institute for Quality Communities at Ҵýapp College .

Interior Design students and have been named among Metropolis Magazine’s .

Ҵýapp College students have recently for their historic preservation work.

Regional and City Planning graduate student Matthew McClure was recently named a .

Construction Science students have taken home in the past eleven years.

The Congress for New Urbanism listed the among its “.”

Three Landscape Architecture students recently .

Learn how Construction Science students as part of their Design + Build course!

Create + Make

Learn about our !

Earn Recognition

Learn how students and faculty helped in Zambia.

Engage Communities

Learn about students’ experiences !

Study Abroad

Learn about recent Ҵýapp College at top firms in Florida, Dallas, and OKC!

Land an Internship

Learn about a Ҵýapp College alumnus who is now , a luxury camping service!

Start a Business

Learn about , principal at MASS Design Group and director of MASS’s Deaf Space and Disability Justice Design Lab.


See how students in the Division of Planning!


See how students and faculty  in northern Uganda!

Civil Discourse

See how one alumnus stays connected to his values by .


See how the Institute for Quality Communities is to build a public plaza for the district!


See how Dr. Pai Liu is helping to .

Mutual Respect

Define your agency at Ҵýapp College.

Many questions are asked of us, but few more important than ‘what will you do?’ At the University of Oklahoma, we’re committed to helping you find your answer through world-class academics, top-flight facilities, and one-of-a-kind programs. What will you do to make an impact, benefit state and society, or change the world?


“What will you do?” — a question that challenges passivity and demands a response. At the Christopher C. Ҵýapp College of Architecture, we’re tackling this question head-on to find the answers that will impact our state, society and the world.

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